Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Him Danno

If anyone knows me they know I love reading books. With that said recently I seem to find myself reading the same style of books and they have all one theme Conspiracy about they Government or large Corporations.
I decided to challenge myself and help my sister and her husband out on their book blog by reading books authors send them to review. I read a Young Adult Book Perception and it was great and must read and now a fiction Code Name Atlas.
Something I have realized with all my book reading and reviewing most of the recent books seem to be a Dystrophy type of world and it made me wonder "Do people really feel we are heading down the road to a dystrophia society with the way the government can't seem to work to the benefit of their constituents?"
Just something I was thinking.
I wonder what some of my school teacher would think if they saw me reading now? To all those who thought I couldn't read because of my learning disability you were wrong.

So far my favorite books have been Preception but Heather Cashman, The Triple Agent: The Al-Queda Mole Who Infiltrated the CIA by Joby Warrick and George Bush Executive Decision.

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