Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No wonder my hosue is dirty

ME: Martin can you watch Zoey while I get the clothes put away?
Martin: Yes Mom
Not even up the stairs and screaming starts.
Me: Martin what is going on? Why is Zoey screaming
Martin: I don't know
Me: Where is she?
Martin: I don't know?
Me: Martin I asked you to watch her why are you not watching her?
Martin: I watch her but than she went into the other room.
Me: Why didn't you follower her?
Martin: Because I told Roxie to watch her in the other room.

Me: Watching Zoey means you go where she goes ok?
Martin: OK
I go back up stairs and again just barely reached the top stair when screaming started
Me: Martins what is going on again?
Martin: I'm following Zoey but won't like me carry her she keeps screaming.
Me: Martin watching Zoy doesn't mean you need to carry her just watch her in each room she goes into. Ok?
Martin: OK
Three towels folded when screaming starts again.
Me: Martin what is it again?
Martin: I don't know because Zoey disappeared and I can't find her is that bad?
I came running down stairs looking for Zoey everywhere and couldn't find her anywhere until I heard giggle coming from under the dinning table.
I gave up on folding clothes and decided to write my blog. If I get off this chair someone wants me to hold them, feed them, hug them, or want me to put something together. I am so scared to leave this chair and find out what they want me to do. I never thought I would say this but I could use a day where someone takes my kids while I clean the house.

What I learned today:
1. Folding Clothes is never going to be easy when three kids are awake
2. When looking for Zoey look under the dinning table first and assume she is eating something she isn't suppose to.
3. Kids seem to think I am suppose to do everything right away and when I do not they get really angry.
4. The bathroom is no longer my safe place.

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