Monday, October 24, 2011

Zoey's Brithday

Yesterday we celebrated Zoey 1st brithday and what a day with was. With Church now meeting at 1pm we had a car full of cranky little people all wanting attention to be on them.
We had a wonderful dinner at Grandma Wimmers and enjoyed being with family. I have started to buy cakes from Sam's Club because they are beautiful and only 10.00$. For the first birthday Doug and I decided that the child gets their own cake and the rest of us get cupcakes. Martin had his very own monkey cake I made and than Roxie had a Hello Kitty Sam's Club special cake and cupcakes. I love watching the kids get excited when tasting frosting for the first time.
We also have a tradition where the birthday kids I get a shirt or Onese for them to make a mess in. Martin's said " Lock up your daughters." Roxie's said "Birthday girls special day" and Zoey said " I was born to wear diamonds."
Grandma and pa Bremner showed up with "the greatest gift" according to Martin balloons.
I am so grateful to be surround by wonderful family and being able to share a special day with everyone we love.

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