Thursday, December 30, 2010

Petty Little Princess

Dad and I have decided we can't fight Roxie's love for Pink and pretty dresses anymore. So her sweet dad bought her the princess dress from the movie Tangled. Aunt Kristi Wimmer bought her the Princess tea pot with plate, cups, spoons and more little things. Grandma Bremner bought her a cutie dress, Grandma Wimmer bought her pink shoes and books. I bought her cowboy boots, a dress and big girl underwear in hopes to encourage potty training.
My beautiful little girl is growing up and I hope she stays my little girl for as long as possible.


  1. so my kids came over to the computer while i was reading your blog and riley says to me, "what does that cake say?" I told him the little girl is Roxie and the cake is for her second birthday. Riley replied, "ya. she is our friend and her birthday is today."

    Eleanor heard all of this and said, "Ya my friend Roxie is going to call. And it is her birthday. she is getting so big. We need to sing her happy birthday."

    Oh that made me so happy. i love kids! Happy birthday Roxie! You all look so happy!


  2. Tami you have totally made my day!!! I wish we could live closer. Martin has seen pictures of Riley and he has told me that his friend and we need to visit. I'm starting to think our kids were friends before they came to us.