Friday, November 26, 2010

1 Long Month

Took Zoey in for her one month check up and here are her stats.
Weight: 9lbs 11 1\2 oz 95% (8lbs 2ozs at birth)
Length: 21 3\4 75-95% (20 3\4 inches at birth)
Head: 15 1\4 inches 95% (14inches at birth)

It has been one very long month of very little sleep. Zoey has her nights and days mixed up and after reading 4 books and several different website she is still sleeping 4 hours during the day and maybe 2 hours at night. I have tired everything and after talking to several people and reading several website I have come to realized that she will switch her nights and days when she is ready. I hope she changes her night and days soon because I need at lest four hours of sleep at night to be able to keep up with Martin and Roxie. Mainly Roxie. :)
I was going to write more but my thoughts have escaped me.

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