Monday, August 10, 2009

I will pay you!!!

I promise I will pay anyone to potty train Martin for me. I understand it is a right of passage for each mom and child BUT I personally will give that up if someone would be will to potty train Martin.
For about a week Martin went to the bathroom every time I remind him and he was pretty good at staying dry expect for the night. I was getting excited thinking we were going to potty train really fast and than Monday last week he decided he was done using the potty and nothing I could say or do would change his mind.

I have tired treats, stickers, Cars, and video games but all he says is "NO." The worst is when he looks at me and says I'm pooping and I try and put him on the potty and he screams and cried the whole time and will not go potty...

So how much can I pay someone to potty train Martin?

P.S. the only time he will use the potty is if he needs to go to bed. ARRG

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