Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fun Pictures and back to being a red head

Thanksgiving We all wore hats to take family Christmas Card Photo

The girls and I decided to be silly

Hudson borrowed his Bennett's Hat

Hudson in his Santa Outfit

Back to being a Red Head and Loving it

Martin found something Grandpa Bremner left.  "BUT I need it to keep my head warm."

Christmas Tree hunting

The perfect Tree before decorating it

After decorating the tree and yes I haven't moved the ornaments yet.
Life has been busy with Christmas, school, preschool, kids and so much more.  The bishop asked me what I was most grateful this year and most of the time I would say Doug, the kids but this year I am most grateful the Plan of Salvation knowing that families can be together here on earth and again on the other side.    I know that no matter what happens that I will once again see my wonderful Mother in law on the other side when she passes and get to meet my brother in law Martin as well one day when we are all together.

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