Friday, December 20, 2013

Preschool Program and Hudson

Hudson had what I thought was four teeth but he has two bottom and one large split tooth on top

My Christmas Cow

 Roxie decided to be the cow for the Preschool Christmas Program just like her big brother Martin.
Santa Arrived

I was stopped by a dad and he said he was impressed by Roxie because she knew all her lines, loudly sang all the songs and when the boy playing Joseph was telling all the kids that wasn't the real Santa because he wasn't wearing glasses Roxie refused to believe him.  In the end Roxie had all the three wise men and all the animals on her side alone with a few angles and Joseph had the shepherds believing him.  I love that Roxie will not be bullied by anyone and she has such confidence.
Rita loves Roxie and wishes all little girls could have her confidence.  I just hope she can keep it!

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