Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No Sleep For Mommy

The last few weeks Hudson decided to cut some more teeth expect they don't seem to want to completely cut though so we have been dealing with a fussy baby.  Every night he makes up between midnight and 1am and than again at 3:30am and one more time at 5:30am.  Which means I am not sleeping and in turn Doug isn't sleeping either because I have been able to sleep though Hudson crying because I am so tried.
During the day he is such a happy baby but at night he turns into the Hudson Monster.
Our last check up Hudson was in the 40-45% in weight and height alone with 75% in head.
We have tried to feed him Apple Sauce, Sweet potatoes, Carrots, and Rice Cereal. So far he gags until he until he swallows and gives me a nasty look.  Apples and Rice Cereal seem to give him a diaper rash.  Not fun. However he loves to naw on french bread and its pretty funny when he get a piece broken off.
He has been saying Mama for months now but I try not to count my kids talking early because well the all talk extremely early but the other day he was saying mama and I looked over and he smiled and said Mama.  So even though he has been saying it since he was 3 months old I officially count it at 6 months.  Doug on the other hand thinks we should could it at three months since he was rolling around at one month as well.
He loves to Jump but than again isn't much of a surprise if you know him.

Always falls asleep during the second hour of church meaning no nap on Sunday for mom.

He rolls everywhere and some times I can't find him.

Discovered his tongue.

Slowly learning to sit up on his own

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