Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What do sleeping babies dream of?

What do sleeping babies dream of? This morning I had a few minutes and I watched Hudson sleep. He would smile, frown, cry and than lay completely still but his eyes never stopped moving.  SO what do babies dream of that causes them so many different expression?  I wish I could have taken pictures of the different expression but he moved to fast and the kids were heading upstairs yelling my name.
I enjoy watching Hudson sleep and I guess that would explain the many different pictures of him sleeping.  I swear doesn't sleep his days away but he moves so much most of his awake pictures are a blur.
Hudson finally smiled at me while he was hanging his head over the booby pillow. I guess I must have looked really funny because he never stooped smiling until Zoey climbed on the couch wanting to kiss him.
The summer is starting to get hot and starting Thursday it will be 117 for at lest four days.  If you are wondering this isn't a record heat that would be the year Martin was born and in 1929 when it was 118 for over a week straight.  I'm grateful for pools!!

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