Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hudson 1 month Old and Qatar

He cried when his sisters get too close

He loves laying like this.
Hudson had his one month check up and he is perfect as always.
Wight 9lbs 14ozs       Birth Weight was 7lbs 10oz
Height 22 inches        Birth Height was 19 inches.
That explains why his little guy is always sleeping, eat and pooping.  However he does have acid reflux and can spit out of his car seat.
Qatar arrived late last night for work with Doug for the summer.  So far we drove him around Chandler and Mesa to see how lost we can make him.  I do feel sorry for Qatar because I spend most the summer in the house or at Grandparents Wimmer pool.  We are pretty boring because the kids hate climbing in and out of a hot car.  However I what my grandparents Connett did to me the summer I spent in Cal when I was 17.  I contacted the Young Men president and found out when the activities will be.

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