Friday, June 21, 2013

2 days of Birthday Fun

Martin and Dad at the Sea Life Aquarium

Martin, Roxie and Qatar

Martin had to have a cake but decided he didn't want to eat it.

Family Hike expect for Zoey at Tonto Natural Bridge


Hudson slept the whole time in the Moby. 

Head back up the trail

Final Stop!
Doug took two days off of work for Martin's birthday because Martin wanted to go camping but at the last second he decided he wanted to go to the Sea Life at AZ mills mall.  It was really fun to see all the different sea creatures and the kids loved every second!  Than we went swimming, cake and present.  At the end of Martin's birthday he received two Star Wars Lego sets, a book about star wars, Space Kit, clothes and a 3-D puzzle of the Death Star.
The next day Martin said he wanted to stay home and build his legos but Doug and I wanted to go somewhere a little cooler so we took, Martin, Roxie, Hudson, and Qatar headed to Payson to Tonto Natural Bridge.  Martin and Roxie needed some help getting over some of the larger rocks and crossing the river but for the most part it was a fun hike.  It was 90 in Payson and down in the Arch it was 75. 
(Zoey stayed with Grandma Wimmer and had a blast!)

It was nice to get away from the high heat if only for a few hours.  Doug gave me a Moby Wrap as a baby gift for Hudson and for the first time I didn't have any back pains from carrying a baby on my front.  The wrap is amazing and I wish I had one with Martin, Roxie and Zoey.  I plan to do more hiking with Hudson!
 Martin had a wonderful birthday and thank you to everyone who called Martin enjoyed reading the message on my phone and listening to the phone messages.

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