Saturday, February 2, 2013

sick, Sick, SICK

It started two weeks ago with Doug coming down with the flu and than last Sunday Roxie and Zoey started to run high fevers.  The next thing I know everyone is on antibiotics and I am starting to question my sanity.
Tuesday I took the girls into see their doctor on the last open appointment I could get and both were swabbed for the Flu which turn positive for Flu B.  Tuesday night I wasn't feeling well and had this nasty cough I couldn't shake so I ended up heading off to see my doctor and instead of having the flu I have strep throat which is so painful and I feel for anyone who has it as a kid or an adult.  I started on my antibiotics and was very grateful I went in Wednesday because Thursday my throat was burning with every drop of water I drank.  Thursday progressed with lots of sleeping until Doug said he was running another fever and off he headed to Urgent Care where he discovered he has a Sinus infection along with strep throat. 
Fast forward past Friday to Saturday morning and I took Roxie, Zoey and Martin to the pediatricians office and found out Zoey has been given the all clear but Roxie and Martin have ear infections and not just pink but full of fluid infections.  Strange part neither one had once complained about their ears hurting.  Martin has started the hacking cough with a 102.5 temp.

Doug has been wonderful and giving blessing to all who needs or ask for one (Including me at 3am)
So if you lost track here is the run down
Flu 3
Strep 2
Ear Infection 2
Sinus Infection 1
Watched The Great Mouse Detective over 50 times this week.

Roxie sick on Tuesday
Zoey Sick on Tuesday afternoon.  She would only eat gold fish crackers

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