Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pretty Blue Eyes

November Roxie learned to cross her eyes and we started to notice her left eye would find its way into the corner of her eye by her nose.  Doug and I decided to ignore it just in case it was for attention but as December and January came it was getting worse and mainly when she was trying to focus on just about anything. 
Thursday Roxie and I headed to the eye doctor to get her eyes checked out and after a few hours the doctor decided she has Alternating Intermittent Accommodative Esotropia.  It started back in
According to Wikipedia  Right, left or alternating

"Someone with esotropia will squint with either the right or the left eye but never with both eyes simultaneously. In a left esotropia, the left eye 'squints', and in a right esotropia the right eye 'squints'. In an alternating esotropia the patient is able to alternate fixation between their right and left eye so that at one moment the right eye fixates and the left eye turns inward, and at the next the left eye fixates and the right turns inward. This alteration between the left and right eye is mostly spontaneously, but may be voluntary in some cases. Where a patient tends to consistently fix with one eye and squint with the other, the eye that squints is likely to develop some amblyopia. Someone whose squint alternates is very unlikely to develop amblyopia because both eyes will receive equal visual stimulation. It is possible to encourage alternation through the use of occlusion or patching of the 'dominant' or 'fixing' eye to promote the use of the other. Esotropia is a highly prevalent congenital condition."

The doctor decided that patching her eye wouldn't work because their isn't a dominant eye because both eyes will cross or become lazy at different times.  So the first step is glasses with bifocals to see if it will help guide the eyes, next will be to add prisms (but the eye doctor doesn't want to do this unless we are almost out of options because he feels the eye will not have to work nearly hard and cause the eye to become dependent on the prism to focus.)  If these do not work them it is off to see a Pediatric Ophthalmologist and pray he has other ideas before surgery.

Finally after all the "boring stuff" was done it was time for Roxie to pick out her frames.  She tired on 18 different pairs of glasses and it came down to two pairs one purple wire frame with cut out hearts and pink wire fame with pink bows.  She picked the pink frames with the pink hearts on the bow.
Now we are waiting 7-10 days for the glasses to come in and than hopefully she will be able to see better.  After a few weeks in her glasses she will have a follow up and if everything is working than I think I might go ahead and have a second pair made in-case she breaks or loses her glasses.

Before I forget she is Farsighted +2.
Everyone at the eyes doctors office just adore Roxie and since most of them are from my ward they said once she is in her glasses they will always comment how cute or pretty sure looks when they see her at church.  Also several other members in my ward came in during the visit and also said that they will comment how beautiful she looks in her glasses when the times comes.  I am so grateful for these wonderful members in my life.  They have adopted my small family and made us feel so loved.

Roxie was also accepted to the same preschool Martin went to when he was 4 and I am so excited.  It will be a lot of driving but I wanted her to be in a school where I knew she would be loved and be taught about Christ Plan for us.   Its not going to be fun packing three kids into a car driving 20mins every morning to get Roxie to class on time at 8:30am but thankful the Wimmers live near by so I can spend my morning close to the school and work on sewing.  I know Grandma Wimmer is excited because she will get lots of snuggle time with the baby boy.

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