Friday, February 22, 2013

Hair, Glasses and Vegas

Right after my birthday Doug, Roxie, Zoey, Martin and I will fell to the will of the flu bug and I wasn't able to get my hair done as my gift to myself.  So right before the trip to Vegas I went to get my hair highlighted.  Karen wanted to badly to color it red again but I wanted to try something different.  Since becoming pregnant I decided to have let my hair grow long.
After my appointment I told Karen after the baby is born she gets to go crazy on my hair and the first things she said was "I am coloring it red and chopping it into a sassy chin lenght."  She was so excited.  Karen is one of the 6 pregnant women in the ward including me.  The crazy part is all the women are having girls but me!  Karen and I are both due at the end of my she is due the 25th and I am due the 21st.
 Doug and I headed to Las Vegas for the Magic Show, Shoe, Woman and Off Price Show.    I had a great time walking all the shows and helped finding items for the Missionary store.  The store is looking at bringing in a few sister missionary items shoes, bags, gloves, hats and jackets.  So my job was to look for waterproof coats and other clothing companies that would be perfect for sister missionaries.  I would like to report due to Kate Middleton Modest clothes are coming back into fashion BUT it going to cost you a bit of money.
I talked to several companies but most I only grabbed their book and business card and said I would be back with the buyer of the company.  One booth I took Doug back too he told me to introduce and show him what I had found.  I really was unsure of myself and since  I only took a book I didn't know what to do.  I had Doug take charge. It was fun watching Doug work and if I go again I believe I will be much more help than pointing and nodding. 
Doug and I figured by the end of the 3 days we walked at lest 6 miles between all the shows and just sight seeing.
Some funny stories from Vegas.  Doug wanted to see how the coats looked on a persona so I figured I would try on each coat.  One of the companies said "Well the are all sample size." Which means small to extra small but I was still willing to put them on.  All the coats fix in the shoulders but I couldn't zip any of the coats up over my tummy.  It was nice to know I am a sample size in coats even pregnant.  Another coat company I had all woman in the booth and they ooh's and ahh's at my tummy the whole time.
We headed over to the Platform (Shoes the BEST) and again I am a size 7 so sample size but being pregnant I though not one shoe would fit.  WRONG they all fit beautiful and I would totally buy all of them at wholesale but full price.  One set of women's shoes would retail at 100-120$ but if I was on my feet all day I would totally wear them.
What had Doug and I laughing so hard was the Erotic Heritage Museum. We went on Yelp and read the reviews which had us laughing even more and apparently it is a Non-Profit museum which means you can tour it for free and see a 1930's porno. No Thank You!
 Doug and I had a late Valentines Dinner at Brand Steakhouse and lounge in the hotel we were staying.  I had an amazing pasta dish and Doug got the Rib Eye. I would have loved to eaten a steak but after the appetizer I had hardly any room for my dinner. Kobe Beef Sliders and I even ate the tomato and pickle because it was so yummy.

  Grandma and pa Bremner watched all three kids and Zoey really connected Grandma.  Every morning since I have been home she first asks for Grandma than Papa and than will say "Ok Mama you can pick me up."  Zoey loved being with Grandma and walks around the house looking for here every day.  I feel so blessed I was able to get away for a few days. 
Being pregnant 27 going on 28 weeks and sitting in a car for 5 hours was really hard and since getting home I have been battling my crazy leg nerve braxton hicks contractions.
I wanted to go up to San Fransisco to see my brother Steve and his family before they leave on their next assignment overseas.  My doctor didn't say no but he also didn't say yes.  He told me I would have to get out of the car every 3-4 hours and take 15 min breaks to stretch.  He was worried I wouldn't be drinking enough and cause contractions.  I kind of laugh because on average I have Braxton Hicks Contractions about 1 an hour all day long starting at 20 weeks.  At lest with this baby.

After lots of tears and lot more prayers I had to make a very tough decision which was to stay home.  The hardest part is knowing I will not see my brother Steve or his family for another two years on top of not seeing them the last 3 years.  I am so very blessed to be pregnant and I am grateful for this small spirit growing inside of me but he has also taught me I am not invincible and I need to realize I have limitations. 
  Still no name for Sir Poops A Lot as of yet but we still have over 10 weeks to figure that out.
(He can't come early because the week before my due date is the new Star Trek Movie! So over 10 weeks left until Sir Poops A Lot Arrives.)
Roxie loves her glasses and I am grateful for everyone who makes a big deal about the glasses.  So hard she has only taken them off a few times but mainly because her eyes are tired.  I guess that means they are working.

Doug's Rib Eye Steak! I know now why they call it a Rib Eye!

Roxie and her Pink Glasses

Birthday Present.  I had my hair highlight.


  1. Oh Heidi. I look at that picture of you and i think, "She looks like such an adult! I remember 21 year old Heidi. What happened to us? We're getting so old!" :) The good news... you are a BEAUTIFUL adult! You grow prettier with time I think! PS-I still think of you whenever I hear the song "good morning beautiful" for some reason. I have associated that song with you because you are just that. You are 100% beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you so much. Your are amazing and I'm almost positive that you are not aging at all. I was looking at the college pictures and remembing how much fun we had. I feel blessed that you came into my life and taught me how to be happy no matter what! Man I miss you!'