Saturday, March 17, 2012

Visiting Great Grandma Connett

What does a 5 year old do when he is stuck in a hotel room because of Rain. The lego's and Banana's become friends.

Playing with the newly name Bob the Bird.

This last week Grandma Bremner took Martin, Roxie, Zoey and I to go see Great Grandma Connett in Gilroy Ca. I think we are a little crazy because we took three kids under 5, on a 12 hour car ride but we found ways to have fun and for the most part they were really good.

We made it to Gilroy Monday evening and went straight to bed.
Tuesday we went to see Great Grandma Connett and the kids just loved seeing Great Grandma's Bird and they named him Bob. Than Roxie and Great Grandma played Bingo while Grandma Bremner and I put together a puzzle and Martin and Zoey played Tag and read some books. We enjoyed visiting with Great Grandma.
Wednesday we took Grandma Connett to San Jose and we played at a mall, went to see Great Grandpa Connetts grave and than off to Japan town San Jose. It is one of the last 3 remaining Japan towns in the USA and it is over 121 years old. The only problem is it rained all day so I went to the store to buy a few items I can't find here at home. We made one more stop and that was at Great Great Grandma's home in San Jose. Its fun to see where family once lived and see where my roots are from. The kids fought to see who would hold Great Grandma Connetts hand.
Thursday we took Great Grandma out again to Mission San Juan Bautista. It is a beautiful mission and we enjoyed a walking around and seeing HUGE chickens and Martin bought a book to read about a Mad Scientist and his kids chasing down earthquakes. Grandma Bremner took us all out for a wonderful lunch at a Great Mexican Food restaurant. It was the best Mexican food I have ever had.

Friday we drove home all day making a few stops at fruit stands and made it back to AZ without some crazy things happening in 12 hours. Not bad when you think I drove though LA rush hour that started at 2pm on Friday.
Zoey at the St. Patty's Party.
I could use some sleep but a mothers job is never done and now it is time to clean out the car.


  1. It was a lot of fun. I was really happy I saw grandma she looked really good.