Friday, March 23, 2012

Arizona Natural History Museum

Doug convinced Roxie and Martin to go inside the Jail.
Heading towards Gold Panning. The kids took home little bags full of fools Gold but it was still fun.
Enjoying the Beautiful weather while the kids are finding Dino bones.

Martin was telling me all about how important it is to be very careful not to step on the hidden bones. As you can see he isn't taking his advice all that well.
They discovered several different bones.
Digging for Dino Bones. Yes even I had to dig with the kids.
Martin and Doug working on Dino Puzzles
Looking all the Amazing Fossils. Also found out they found a Mammoth Bones in Chandler.
Martin loves the Natural History Museum in Mesa AZ because of all the dinosaurs and Dino dig, gold panning and last but not lest the Flash Flood. Martin and I decided to show Grandma and pa Bremner the fun they haven't experienced yet while living in AZ.


  1. looks warm...we are getting there here 70's all week and a bit humid already. Very Warm for March Qatar mowed yesterday in March

  2. I would love for it to stay in the 70's but Summer is coming. We are in the mid 80's so Mom and Dad are getting excited to come home to the cooler weather.