Thursday, March 29, 2012

Staying busy which is good and bad

(Zoey Loves Back Berries)
Every since I was given the calling Relief Society Secretary I have been a little busy.
Than Grandma and pa Bremner are leaving in April so I have been cramming tons of appointments in because I have free babysitting. Then helping Lisa with her book blog (Which I love reading), not sleeping for some unknown reason and a crazy 1 year old starting to talk, a 3 year old who screams if I try and help her and last but not least 5 year old who wants all his friends over 24 hours a day.
I'm not complaining because I know I have it easier than a lot of moms out there BUT I just want 2 hours to clean my house and I mean REALLY clean it and maybe another 2 hours to do Laundry so I can stop sleep walking to the Laundry room and waking up wondering why I am there.

The Big Problem are the two cutest girls in the world who want to have my attention when they are awake and I give in all the time to their desires to be with mom.
So what I have learned: Staying busy is a good thing but I need to be better at prioritizing things and than maybe the house will be a little cleaner, laundry will be almost done and I might sleep though the night. I am so blessed to have healthy children, a beautiful home, a wonderful husband, spiritual guidance and amazing parents and in-laws. I have no reason to ever complain.

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