Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is anything but dull.

We are all still alive just really busy. I fell down the stairs two weeks ago and sprained my ankle and bused me other knee. I thought I would have healed by now but apparently the older you get the more time you need to heal. I find that really unfair.
Grandma and Grandpa Bremner along with Cenneidigh (the kids cousin) came to visit for a few days on their way back up to Austin MN. The kids had fun with Cenneidigh and Roxie never wanted to let go of her Grandpa Bremner. Than things began to "quite down." until Zoey decided to cut four teeth all at once and than I am up every night at lest threes time trying to comfort her. I am basically wandering in a fog most days and IF I can catch a cat nap I do without even knowing it sometimes.
Martin and I are reading The Harry Potter books but I think it is more I am read the books and Martin is wondering around his room. Although when his teacher asked what his favorite books are he said Harry Potter because it is about wizards and magic. I guess he is listening a little.
Martin loves school but wishes he didn't have homework. Don't we all.

Congratulation to my Mom and Dad who have been married 43 years and in a few days Doug and I will have been married 8 years!!

Zoey is pulling herself up on everything and climbing the stairs as well. She has three official words Dada, Mama and Mar. She loves her brother Martin and he can get her to laugh all the time. I love watching the two play. He got her so excited she fell over laughing and screaming. I only wish I had caught that on camera. Sorry for the lack of pictures but I get attack by a little Zoey and she likes to suck on things like camera.

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