Friday, April 15, 2011

The Stomach Bug Strikes Again.

I remember hearing my sisters talk about when your first goes to school they bring home every type of bug around. I thought they were talking about walking, 4-8 legged things that are annoying not the Stomach flu, Flu, head cold, pink eye and something that always seems to lead to ear infections. This week is another around of something nasty the stomach flu first it hit Roxie and the poor little thing couldn't keep anything down for 12 hours and I knew she wasn't feeling well because she wanted to cuddle with me and only me. So I spent all night trying to get a frighten 2 year old to throw-up in the toilet and when that didn't work I tired for a bucket and she still refused but I won. I thought at first maybe it was food poisoning because my stomach hadn't been feeling well but 4pm the next day Martin looked at me and I knew it was time to make a run for the bathroom. Thankfully I still had the bucket out from the night before. Since I didn't get any sleep the last two night Doug and I did shifts with Martin. I was with him until 4am and that was when I decided I needed some sleep in my bed and Doug took over watch.
I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband who is willing to sleep on the floor or couch rubbing a 4 year old back as he throws-up. Doug is such an amazing Dad and he is always there to step in and help take care of the kids when I need a break for myself.

“Love is staying up all night with a sick child -- or a healthy adult.”

David Frost

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