Friday, April 8, 2011

Martin and his Special Tooth

Yesterday was a little bit of a stressful day for Martin, Doug and I. Just to start off we brush his teeth every day morning and night.
Yesterday I look Martin in to get his teeth worked on he had 5 cavities and was in need of a baby root canal. Having been though two root canals and knowing what a control nut Martin is I was worried he would freak out. So the dentist, Doug and I thought it would be best if we sedated him for the dental work. They were very nice and informed me most kids would sleep the rest of the day and I would have to make sure he didn't walk without help and just to have him lay down all day.
We headed over to the dentist at 7am and they gave him orange liquid to drink and I think everyone had hoped it would have knocked him out but being Martin it only made him a little sleepy than next came the happy gas which he wasn't so sure about but he didn't having any problems once "the pretty nurse came in." He sat in the chair sleeping off and on but still knew what was going on because his pulse rate was in the 100's and the doctor said on average it should be around 65. At about 9am and several dollars lighter we headed home for a very interesting day. One second he would be crying about needing something and the next he would shout "THE BEST DAY EVERY." and than start to cry about something he wanted.
What I had hoped would be a nice restful day turned into the opposite and I had never been so glad that the dentist warned me Martin could also be grouchy.

In Martin's famous words "I hope this is my last Silver tooth." I couldn't agree more.

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