Sunday, January 30, 2011

A house full of sickies

Last week Martin start with a awful cough that wouldn't go away and than Roxie thew up last Sunday and it all went downhill from there. One week later Martin, Roxie and Zoey all have ear infections, Doug has a possible sinus infection and as for me my ear hurt and my head is killing me. The adventure started Friday night when Roxie started to pull and twist her hair and Martin complaining about his head hurting so I decided to take them to the Doctors Saturday morning but I ended up leaving Zoey because I didn't want to drag her around. Fast forward to 7:30pm last night I ended up going to peds urgent care and two hours later found out Zoey has an ear infection. It was 10pm by the time I got to Walgreen to fill up Zoey's prescription only to find out it wouldn't be ready for 1 1\2hours. I guess we are not the only ones sick.
Atlest we are getting it all at once :)

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