Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Fairmont Scottsdale Princess


Doug was in Las Vegas during our anniversary and we decided the following weekend to celebrate. Which happened to be the best idea since all 4 of us gave each other long lasting colds. (YUCK) Doug came home early from work and surprised me with an over night to the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale. I was so excited because I had head so many wonderful and amazing things about the Princess and I have always wanted to stay there. When we arrived they upgraded us to a suite which was AMAZING! It was the size of our first apartment. There was a king size bed I wanted to bring home because it was so comfortable, view of the pool and PGA golf course and a HUGE bathroom with the perfect bath tube. It was so beautiful and quite no kids screaming, demanding, or picking on each other. OH did I forget to mention we were able to keep the A\C at about 69 degrees which is PREFECT when pregnant.
Than we went to dinner at Ruth Chris Steak house and like always it was wonderful and the most amazing steaks next to my father-in-laws yummy steaks. (Thanks to Wayne for the gift card.)We were able to watch a beautiful storm come into the area with lots and lots of lightening and tons of rain. In one night we received more rain than we normally do all summer.
The only downer was I ended up have contractions all night long so I didn't get much sleep. The next morning Doug took me over to the Porsche dealership and we were going to try and test drive one but I gave away that we won't be buying on. My dream Porsche was sitting there on the lot 1996 911. Expect for being black it was my dream car sitting right there in front of me for only 45,000. AH it feels good to dream. We went inside the dealership and they had a red Ferrari. Which I couldn't help but take pictures of Doug sitting in it.
We would have loved to extended our stay one more night but Martin had his first day of Preschool and I would have felt guilty sending someone else.
I have the best husband who is always keeping me on my toes and make me feel to beautiful and insanely special.

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