Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So after Martin and his non-stop bugging me to make him "THE BEST CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES EVER"
I finally decided to take on the challenge of making Butter Cream frosting. (SO EASY) Last week I make German Chocolate Cupcakes with Mint Butter Cream Frosting. I decided I didn't want them in the house because I would eat them all and well to be honest I may be preggers but I do not need to eat two or three cupcakes. So I took them to Doug's work and to one of the ladies I visiting teach. I was given some wonderful feed back. I personally would love to say they were the best cupcakes but for some reason this pregnancy has been messing with my taste buds. (SO NOT FAIR)
Next challenge for cupcakes and Martin "Best Chocolate Cupcakes EVER." I'm going to tackle S'mores Cupcakes YUMMY!!!!

My personally favorite cupcake has been the dark chocolate peanut butter with peanut butter frosting!!
I never thought I would say his about cooking or even baking but I really love making cupcakes for fun.

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  1. I love making them too...obviously. I like mixing pudding into the cake recipe because it makes it so moist. will you put your peanut butter frosting recipe on here for me please? this is Heather btw.