Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Week of Preschool

Today ends Martin's first week in preschool and boy he has loved every second of it.
I was really worried about preschool drop off because whenever I take him to primary he always wants me to go inside and sit down with him and there is always ALWAYS a big scene. The first day of preschool was just orientation for the Moms and the kids were in a different room reading books. So I was still near by but he was so excited about going back the next day and playing with kids and toys. So Tuesday morning I pulled up to the preschool and one of the teachers came out to the car and picked him up and brought him inside and never once did he cry, fuss or even ask for me. I was so very proud of him and I even got a little teary eye.
He came home very excited for Wednesday and couldn't go wait back to preschool. Today was the same as yesterday I dropped him off and he was so excited and couldn't get out of the car fast enough. I am so very proud of him that he is so willing to try something new. I know he is having a little trouble with not wanting to get wet when they have outside time and he really hated the thought of putting paint on his hands because he wanted to paint with a paint brush but other than that he is doing great. Next week they start learning Colors, Number, and a little Spanish.
After talking with some of the other mom at the preschool I found out I need to get Roxie on the list of 2013 because some of the moms have their kids on the list before they were even born. (NOT KIDDING) I called and Roxie is on the waiting list for 2013 but she said she can put her on the official list for 2015. I used to laugh when someone would ask me what preschool Martin was signed up for when he was a year old but now I get it.
Rita Lyons only teaches 25 students a year and she is great. She has been teaching for over 30 years and she has loved each and every year. I love her teaching style and how she refers to all the children as angels because I'm pretty sure sometimes the kids are not always angels.
(I have been so sick this week I didn't take a picture of Martin's first day of Preschool. So next week I hope to get some pictures of him with his Angel Bag they give the kids to bring home with them that has homework.)

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  1. I totally understand the paint thing. I quit Brownies because they made me touch glue with my fingers.