Sunday, June 20, 2010

Martin D. 4th Birthday

Where do I start? Saturday June 19th we celebrated Martins 4th birthday with success.
Doug made cardboard truck, sports car, A-Team van, space ship and SUV for each of the kids to race in the backyard but the kids enjoyed playing bummer cars instead of racing. I had made driver licenses for each of the kids because "You can not drive a car without a driver license." According to Martin. I also made license plates that each of the kids were able to color and put on their cars. Roxie enjoyed coloring her license plate and face. Last but not lest in true Arizona style we had a Lighting McQueen Pinata and the kids loved all the candy and treats. It was so much fun getting together with all of our family and friends. I personally enjoyed watching Martin play with all of this friends or "Best Buds."


  1. Looks like fun. Did Martin race his car since it was his idea to do? What happened to pictures of the kids in the cars - the effect is kind of lost on Doug.

  2. I didn't take any pictures of the kids in the cars but we have some really fun video. The played more bummer cars than race cars but it was still lot of fun to watch.