Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boy or Girl

Today Doug, Martin, Roxie, Grandma Wimmer and I went to our friends and had our official 20 week ultrasound.
"BOY OR GIRL is the question" or at lest that is what Martin like to say. I have never been able to read an ultrasound in my life but this time I kind of knew what we were looking for and for the first time I could tell right away because she wasn't shy.... WAIT did I say SHE? Yes that's right we are having a little girl!!
The Queen bee is going to have to share the title!! We are having a mover and a shaker!! This little baby girl is strong and during the ultrasound she wouldn't stop moving long enough to get the profile picture. Even Cody who does ultrasounds for a living was surprise to see how much she moved around. At one point she was yawning and than another time she had her finger enter twined! She loves to kick when something is in her space.
We haven't picked a name yet and I am hoping to use Temperance as a middle name because it is a family name and well its a long story but ever since we went to the Connett Cemetery in Athens Ohio I have always felt a strong connection to Temperance Price. Call me CRAZY!!

I will have pictures in the next few days but I just wanted to let everyone know of our exciting news!!

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  1. congrats they will have so much fun playing together! I can't wait for the pictures!