Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Project

Since Roxie has started to feel better and as long as I am eating every 3 hours I feel great. I have decided to start on a new project and since I can't paint rooms until this baby is born I need something to do that is cheap and fun. I'm starting on making these book purses and than Maternity dress when mom comes out to visit and last but not least Roxie 4th of July Tutu. YEA FOR FEELING BETTER!!


  1. Why can't you paint? I painted half my house while pregnant with Griffin and refinished half of the kitchen cabinets. Trust me it is easier to get it done while the baby is still inside you...once he/she is out there is NO TIME for anything as you well know!:)

  2. The paint smell make me so sick... even with the house completely open the smell just kills me.. That why I am hiring the best Grandpa Bremner ;)and paying him with LOVE!!