Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Family and Earthquake...What more could you want

Easter weekend started off with General Conference or what I was able to watch. I was very grateful I was able to hear\watch Brother Hollands talk because he lays down the law and makes you feel so loved at the same time. Than off to dinner with Grandma and pa Wimmer after the men SECRET MEETING :)
Sunday Morning came along and Martin and Roxie woke up at 6:30am on the dot. Now this would not have been such a big deal if Doug and I had slept but for some reason I had horrible dreams and couldn't get comfortable the whole night. (10 weeks and I can't sleep this is going to be a LONG Pregnancy.) So the Easter Bunny came for a visit and being smart like last years Easter Bunny decided to leave Goldfish Cracker, small bags of cookies, Chalk and a toy plane or a stuff bear in the Easter Baskets. The Bunny thought that Dad and Mom could have an Easter Basket with Candy so they decided when someone was good enough to have a treat.
Than I made Dutch babies or in our family Egg Pie because Martin got really upset one day and thought we were going to be eating a BABY. Than we all start down for a nice quite General Conference or so we thought. Martin would not stop talking, Roxie wanted Martin's Goldfish crackers even thought she had her own and they fought over every single toy in the house. There was time outs and someone might have raised their voice a bit but after 2 hours of kind of sort of hearing talks Dad and I decided next Conference we are going to church. Now this maybe a punished for us but we thought its worth a shot. We than headed off to Grandma and grandpa for Naps before the second session which we both were able to enjoy because everyone had either taken naps or were napping.
After conference Kristi Doug's sister and her boyfriend came over for a wonderful dinner and I guess during that time most everyone but us felt the Baja California earthquake here in East Valley. Doug's cousin who lives about 2 miles from our house in Chandler saw there lights moving in their house and other saw their pool water create waves but we didn't feel anything at the Wimmer's.
I'm personal grateful because I have been though earthquakes and I have never really enjoyed the feeling but it made me think that I need to get batteries for my flashlights and our 72 hour kits finished up because you never know when a much bigger quake could really do some damage in out little desert of Arizona.

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  1. we have the same problem for General Conference. Trying to listen but having to deal with kids doing something. One of these we probably will miss this. :) Glad your Easter was great.