Friday, April 9, 2010

Its only just begun...

Last night we did our nightly ritual for bed time brush our teeth with the kids, read the Book of Mormon (THANKS MOM), say prayers, hugs and kisses and than stories for Martin before he is tucked into bed with hugs and kisses again. Well last night I read Martin TWO Bearinstein bear stories and than put him into bed with a kiss and like every night he protested and I told him I was going to get water and his dad would be up to singing to him. Apparently when dad arrived he ask "Why is mom ruining my life. She wont give me loves." (Loves is HUGS and KISSES) So Dad came down stairs and back up I went to give him hugs and kisses knowing that he would want songs and come cuddle time even though it was 20 mins past his bedtime. I figured I didn't want to ruin his life anymore so I sang one song, gave HUGS and kisses and said good night. I had no idea I could ruin his life at 3 1/2 years old I thought that only started when he would be in school.
Good thing my feeling do not get hurt easy since having kids otherwise I would be a basket case by now.

I love that little bug and I promise I will not forget to give LOVES even when he is 16 and he thinks that I am RUINING HIS LIFE!! I will ALWAYS AND FOREVER LOVE MY BABY BOY.

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