Sunday, January 17, 2010

Revolt in Primary

I should have known this pictures tells the whole story.
So today started off pretty rough at church It was one where I wanted to go back to bed and hide. Martin cried having to go into primary again but after 30 mins he settled down enough that Doug was able to leave and join me in class. Now from what I heard....The sunbeams were leaving class and took off (RUNNING)Martin leading the rest of the sunbeams down the hallway past the primary and either off to nursery out the doors. So the Positive out of this is he is a natural born leader the negative the primary wants Doug or I in primary next week. (ITS MY TURN TO TAKE MARTIN NEXT WEEK)
Proud mom yes for being a leader and no because he didn't listen to his teachers.

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  1. oh how funny. Just wait for the stories to come in once he is in school!! At least he keeps you on your toes and is entertaining at the same time :)