Monday, January 6, 2014

Quick Get Away Warner Brother Studios

Every American City

Downtown Gilmore Girls

One of the Houses on the set

The studio we toured Currently filming Big Bang Theroy

Bat Mobils


Friends. Eat Your Heart out Lisa!

Current Batman


Harry Potter

Harry Potter Car

Doug decided since your 10th Anniversary we took the kids to Disneyland and the next time we would get away just the two of us might not be until our anniversary in August that we would take two days and escape to LA.
While we were there we went to Warner Brothers Studio on Saturday and had a blast.  Well the nerd inside of me was unleashed and I had a BLAST and I couldn't stop smiling.  I matched movie and TV wits with our tour guide and if I lived in LA it would be my dream job to be a tour guide for the studios. We walked on the current show Dirty Little Lies and Vampire Diaries which was once Gilmore Girls as well as Dukes of Hazard.  Most of the houses have three sides each being used for filming all at the same time. We walked though the empty houses and learned how quickly they can change a house to match what they are filming.  We walked though the studio of Big Band Theory as well as The Mentalist whatever that is. The tour was over two hours with a stop at the Friends Cafe Set up and I got to sit on the couch. Eat Your HEART OUT LISA
Our Tour guide was tons of fun and I have to admit it made the inner nerd come out even more when I saw the car from Chuck and the Car from Harry Potter

During out trip we mention we left our four kids at home and we had many different reactions of people that were entertaining.  Most thought we were crazy and others couldn't believe we left out 8 months old.  At one point Doug pulled me into a hug and said every guy around us is looking at you.  I personally thought there was something on my face like a bugger and that's why people were looking at me.  Its nice to know I can still turn heads at going on 35 with four kids.

I highly recommend this tour if you like to know the behind the scenes of TV and Movie.  Its nothing like Universal Studios which is more of a theme park.  Doug and I are going to save for next year so we can do the big tour at Paramount Studios next time and maybe go during filming week.

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