Sunday, January 26, 2014

Forever 25

I am sure you have guest it but there is a running joke about be being forever 25.  It started about two weeks ago when someone mention my birthday coming up and my visiting teacher and friend Kristi said "Yes Heidi Will forever be 25!" Last Sunday they announced my birthday was coming up and again we joked about me being forever 25 and however several new members were a little lost on why everyone was laughing.  When I told one of the new members it was because my birthday was on the 25th of January and that I am turning 35 she was shocked because she really thought I was 25 but than she figured since everyone was a laughing I must be turning the big 3 0.  I thanked her because well everyone wants to look young and she said I looked great for having had my first kid only 8 months ago and I quickly corrected her he was my 4th and the other three were in primary.  She was pretty surprised and told me I looked great. 
I really wanted a quite birthday this year because I haven't been feeling well.  Breakfast we went to BoSa donuts and Doug bought me a box of their Donut holes that taste like glazed Tom Thumbs from the mower county fair.  Martin bought me a necklace from Target he picked out himself because he said "Mom loves Jewelry." I really don't but most women do so I guest I am raising my boy right ;).
Doug, Zoey, Roxie and Hudson gave me a Nike Fuel Band that I am been researching since it came out.  I love my toy it has a watch, step counter, tracks sleep and all sorts of fun things.  It also has a app for my phone so I can keep track it on my I-Phone.
Doug took me out for some really yummy BBQ but our waitress was really slow and me missed the last tour of the Gilbert Open House so we walk around the new temple grounds and it is so beautiful.  For some reason the Stain Glass windows sing to me.  Their beauty is simple and stunning all at the same time.  I did learn they will not be closing down the Mesa temple until Phoenix temple has been open.  So much growth in the last 13 years that I have lived here.  When I moved here in 2001 there was one temple in the whole state just Mesa and now there is Snowflake, Gila Bend, Phoenix, Gilbert, soon to be Tucson. 
Thanks you everyone who called and wished me a happy birthday.  Several of my friends stopped by and brought me little treats.  The Lord has blessed me with an amazing family and now I have wonderful friends who have turned into my family in the last five years.  Even with all the heartache of the last year I find hope in the coming year.  The Lord's tender mercies have shown me how great the Gospel is and that I know families will be together forever.

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