Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Who is Who?
It will be pretty easy to pick out one of the girls but can you figure out who everyone else is?

Husdon Update

Quick update of my handsome little man Huddy Buddy (Doug's nickname)
I took Hudson to his newborn check up at two weeks old.
Weight 8lbs 8oz   (7lbs 10oz)
height 21 inches  (Birth he was 19)
Head  14 1/2        (Birth 13)
Boy Hudson has grown and this kid never stops eating!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Hudson!!

Grandma and Hudson enjoying nap time.  I got to work on homework with Martin

Snuggling with mommy right before we came home

Hello World!

Zoey checking out Hudson
Being home has been overwhelming, scary at times and wonderful.  Each of the kids take turns holding Hudson and Zoey keeps an eye on him.  Zoey has been great for what I expected. She has thrown some whooper of tantrum but she also has made me laugh so hard I started to cry. 
Thankfully Grandma's are here to help reduce the stress so I can relax and heal.
So many emotions are running though me and I keep wondering how I will be able to do this once Grandma Bremner moves back to MN.  Well the answer keeps coming to me hour by hour, prayer by prayer and everything will work out the way its suppose to if I keep Heavenly Father close by.
Martin loves his little brother


Leaving for the Hospital
Mom wanted a picture before we left.  I was trying to smile though the pain

Hudson Steven Wimmer

Zoey wasn't so sure about anything but Roxie was excited.

Daddy looking a little tired but the kids were so excited.
 Tuesday morning Martin woke me up around 2am because he had a bad dream so I got him back to bed when I realized I wasn't feeling so well but I headed back to bed.  Than Martin came in again at 3am with another bad dream so I set up a spot on the floor and again realized I wasn't feeling so well but I was able to go back to sleep.
Again Martin woke me up at 4am and I finally told him he could sleep in bed with us and around 5:50am I realized I was have contractions. I got up and walked around thinking I was having false labor again.  The contractions were getting more painful as 7am rolled around and they were 2-4 mins apart but I kept thinking it was false labor and would soon end again like he had done so many times.
I didn't want to bother Doug while he was shower and getting ready for work just in case it was false labor so I waited until he was ready tell him about the contractions.  He asked if I could walk normally and I tired but he said "I don't think that's normal unless you have been walking like an old woman for years and I never noticed."
 We laughed and Doug got the kids ready for the day and just as I was headed for the stairs Doug met me and I asked "Could you call my parents I think I might be in labor?"  Doug laughed and said he had called them 10mins ago and mom was finishing getting ready.
7:30am mom and dad arrived and we left for the hospital.  I walked in and they asset me and thankful I was 4cm and they kept me.  I was so scared it was false labor or I wouldn't be far enough along.  These contractions were so painful because instead of being in my back like normal it was in my hips so I couldn't really walk without pain.  I was finally admitted at 8:30am and after getting my started on the antibiotics and my epidural I thought it would be smooth sailing.  NOPE!!  After resting for maybe 45 mins I started to notice a pain in my hip and it only built up until around 12:00pm I was feeling every contraction and the only part of my body that was numb was from the top of my left knee to the outer hip.  The nurses told me I only had to make it to 1pm because they wanted to make sure all the antibiotics were in my system.  However my doctor didn't show up until 1:10pm.
After pushing and lots of tears Hudson Steven Wimmer was born at 1:25pm 7lbs 10oz and 19 inches long with a 13 head and 13 shoulders.
Lots of tears because because I felt everything but at the same time lots if joy to finally met the little man who kicked me all day and night.
I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby boy and blessed with such an amazing gift heavenly father has given women to create life.  I look at Hudson and am simply amazed.
   I finally feel my family is complete and after 6 years of hearing a little boy voice saying "Mommy don't forget me." I liked to say Hudson I didn't forget you and I will always love the beautiful spirit that our home is blessed with.

Heather I do not know how you do it.  I have never felt such pain in my entire life and you have done it without any medication you are simply amazing.  I think any woman that goes though child birth with out any medication is crazy and amazing.

Friday, May 10, 2013


MikaRose clothing company was looking for woman who are nursing or pregnant to review their dresses so they could either start a maturity line or refer to certain dresses as maturity.
They sent me this dress the Serena.  It is a perfect maturity dress and nursing dress with a few alteration to the chest.
I wore the dress all day Sunday but I forgot to take pictures so I went over and asked mom to take a few pictures for Lisa's blog.  I wore the dress all day and it was so comfortable you could almost sleep in the dress.