Sunday, May 12, 2013


Leaving for the Hospital
Mom wanted a picture before we left.  I was trying to smile though the pain

Hudson Steven Wimmer

Zoey wasn't so sure about anything but Roxie was excited.

Daddy looking a little tired but the kids were so excited.
 Tuesday morning Martin woke me up around 2am because he had a bad dream so I got him back to bed when I realized I wasn't feeling so well but I headed back to bed.  Than Martin came in again at 3am with another bad dream so I set up a spot on the floor and again realized I wasn't feeling so well but I was able to go back to sleep.
Again Martin woke me up at 4am and I finally told him he could sleep in bed with us and around 5:50am I realized I was have contractions. I got up and walked around thinking I was having false labor again.  The contractions were getting more painful as 7am rolled around and they were 2-4 mins apart but I kept thinking it was false labor and would soon end again like he had done so many times.
I didn't want to bother Doug while he was shower and getting ready for work just in case it was false labor so I waited until he was ready tell him about the contractions.  He asked if I could walk normally and I tired but he said "I don't think that's normal unless you have been walking like an old woman for years and I never noticed."
 We laughed and Doug got the kids ready for the day and just as I was headed for the stairs Doug met me and I asked "Could you call my parents I think I might be in labor?"  Doug laughed and said he had called them 10mins ago and mom was finishing getting ready.
7:30am mom and dad arrived and we left for the hospital.  I walked in and they asset me and thankful I was 4cm and they kept me.  I was so scared it was false labor or I wouldn't be far enough along.  These contractions were so painful because instead of being in my back like normal it was in my hips so I couldn't really walk without pain.  I was finally admitted at 8:30am and after getting my started on the antibiotics and my epidural I thought it would be smooth sailing.  NOPE!!  After resting for maybe 45 mins I started to notice a pain in my hip and it only built up until around 12:00pm I was feeling every contraction and the only part of my body that was numb was from the top of my left knee to the outer hip.  The nurses told me I only had to make it to 1pm because they wanted to make sure all the antibiotics were in my system.  However my doctor didn't show up until 1:10pm.
After pushing and lots of tears Hudson Steven Wimmer was born at 1:25pm 7lbs 10oz and 19 inches long with a 13 head and 13 shoulders.
Lots of tears because because I felt everything but at the same time lots if joy to finally met the little man who kicked me all day and night.
I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby boy and blessed with such an amazing gift heavenly father has given women to create life.  I look at Hudson and am simply amazed.
   I finally feel my family is complete and after 6 years of hearing a little boy voice saying "Mommy don't forget me." I liked to say Hudson I didn't forget you and I will always love the beautiful spirit that our home is blessed with.

Heather I do not know how you do it.  I have never felt such pain in my entire life and you have done it without any medication you are simply amazing.  I think any woman that goes though child birth with out any medication is crazy and amazing.


  1. You like Steven that much, I am kind of on the fence still...maybe another 30 years and I will like him as much as you guys do.

  2. It was that or Shamus but I wasn't sure I could tell my son he was named after the doctor who gave me an epidural that didn't work.
    I always thought it would be cool to have my sons have my brothers first names as their middle. However randy will have to get a rain check because this body is done having babies.