Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Hudson!!

Grandma and Hudson enjoying nap time.  I got to work on homework with Martin

Snuggling with mommy right before we came home

Hello World!

Zoey checking out Hudson
Being home has been overwhelming, scary at times and wonderful.  Each of the kids take turns holding Hudson and Zoey keeps an eye on him.  Zoey has been great for what I expected. She has thrown some whooper of tantrum but she also has made me laugh so hard I started to cry. 
Thankfully Grandma's are here to help reduce the stress so I can relax and heal.
So many emotions are running though me and I keep wondering how I will be able to do this once Grandma Bremner moves back to MN.  Well the answer keeps coming to me hour by hour, prayer by prayer and everything will work out the way its suppose to if I keep Heavenly Father close by.
Martin loves his little brother

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