Monday, November 26, 2012

Skinny and Normal

Zoey and Martin went in for their yearly check ups.  So Martin is about 6 months late and Zoey about on time.
Martin is in the 50% in height and 50% in weight.  His Doctor thought he was in kindergarten and when he nicely informed him he was in 1st Grade the doctor looked at me and said "Oh we decided to put Martin into Kindergarten at 5?"  I said "Yes. Should I have waited a year?"  She said no and we continued on the check up.  Later on I though it was funny she said "We decided."  When did it become a WE thing between the Doctor and I when Martin entered school?

Next came Zoey who was talking a little and gigging when her brother decided to show the doctor he could jump on one foot and talk.   Than she yelled "You Funny Martin."
Zoey's measurements concerned the doctor because she is 15% in weight and 75% in height.
She wanted me to move Zoey from Almond milk to whole Milk (Fatten up Zoey) and see if her tummy aches, ear infections or anything that had shown up before comes back.  I just looked confused and said "I don't think so we established she is allergic to Milk at 5 weeks and I do not want to go though ear infections again during the Christmas holiday."  The doctor agreed but told me to put Zoey on a fatty\healthy diet.  So how do you get a 2 year old to eat anything more than mashed potatoes, grapes and hot dogs. 
 Here is a picture of Doug if you are wondering where the skinny gene comes from.  He was a skinny kid.

Doug age 3 I think.

Reason Zoey is skinny

A few Christmas Photos

and its Roxie
Dad and the kids

Wimmer Family

The Plane Mom

Trying hard to get everyone to look

Setting up

Martin and Mom

Grandpa Wimmer, Roxie and Martin

Zoey Girl


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wimmer Family 2012

Last Sunday Kristi Wimmer took some family photos for Grandma Wimmer to send out at Christmas and she took a couple of our little family.  Here is the best one we could find. 
Looking though the photos I have noticed one thing.  I always look tired and guess what I am always tired.  3 kids and pregnant with number 4 makes a mommy very tired but also very blessed.
I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband who makes me laugh, three healthy children who drive me crazy but can be so sweet and loving the next and I am blessed knowing my Father In Heaven loves me so much that he has blessed my life with endless gifts.
  I have so many countless things to be grateful that I can not name them on this page.

I know that my Redeemer lives and has given me the chance to live again with my family for eternity.
I have been given the gift of motherhood and some days I question that gift but most days I embrace it.
I have been married to an amazing Husband for almost 10 years and every day is an adventure.
I have been giving the chance to be in the True Church and I know it is true.
I have three amazing children who without my life would be boring and quite.  With them in my life I have the most amazing adventures.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy birthday to my Best Friend, The Love of my Life (Next to James Bond;), and the best dad a kid(s) could have.  Thank you for taking this Grand Adventure with me. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I try hard not to talk politics but this is my Blog.

I woke up this morning for hope and change but instead people decided to vote on sweet talking politics again.
4 years ago I could see why everyone want to vote for the current President because he offered something people hadn't really seen before a man who hadn't been in Washington long and he was very young and youthful.  Now 4 years later he keeps saying the same thing it was President Bush's fault for all the economy woes.  I sat and listened to the same thing for 4 years and while I watched my my taxes go up, my health insurance prices go up and the middle class slowly disappear.
  I listened on how he was going to help the middle class and all I have seen is the middle class  disappear not because they were earning more but because they were earning less.
I feel like I was being punished for my family successes.  Good friends lost their jobs and moved to find a better life, or downsized losing their chance for the American Dream because someone else American dream was sending work to China.

Yesterday in AZ people voted against a permanent tax hike because the State Government lied saying it would be used towards school but instead school closed down all over the state and Chandler School district dived into their rainy day fund to save its schools from closing.  It shows what little faith the people have in their government. 
I watched as a woman get voted into the AZ State Legislation last night who said
 "These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bulls***. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?" 
That's right she is going to represent woman in all stages of life.  I am personally grateful it isn't in my district. In some way I see where the world is headed and I fear for the future but than I watched as someone I grew up with was elected to city council 3rd ward in Austin Mn. Hoping to make a better future for his family.
I am sad, angry but I know that as along as 49% of the population in the US feel the same as I do than change can happen it will only take more time than any of us hoped.

Here is my hope for the next 4 years
1. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. Own them!
2. Make the changes that benefit everyone Upper, Middle, Lower and the poor.  People want to help let them make the choice.
3. Leave my health insurance ALONE!
4. Bring the Hope and Change that you Mr. President promised 4 years ago. Bring the military home to their loved ones.
5. Again stop blaming the former President because you had 4 years to fix the problems.

I hope this country will come together and work in the local, state and federal level to make America great again.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I took the girls and voted today to make my voice heard. I voted for who I felt would do the best job.  The polling place was packed full of men and woman letting their voices be heard.  One grandpa came up to me and said "You are a brave mom to bring your girls with you."  I looked at him and smiled and said "I wanted my girls to know I can make a difference with my voice being heard."  When it comes to state and local elections a few votes can make a difference.  Medical marijuana was passed because a few people didn't see a need to vote that year. They thought it would never have been passed. Ever vote counts!