Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictures to come

I think Martin and Roxie thought one week was too short for Grandma and pa Bremner to visit because the next morning after they left Martin was looking for Grandpa at the Dinning Table and Roxie was looking for Grandma everywhere!!
WHAT A WEEK...It started of with showing off our first home and than straight to looking at Condos for Grandma and pa to escapes the cold winter in MN. (-20 or 75 degrees you pick?) Than off to Grandpa Wimmer for his wonderful hamburger! During Grandpa and Grandma visit not only were they able to have Lamon famous Hamburgers but also his INCREDIBLE Steaks! Boy was I in heaven and being preggers gave me an excuses to eat a little more than normal.

For the next several days Grandpa and Grandma headed off to look at more condos and found several with possibility. Every morning and evening Martin would find Grandpa sitting next to the computer looking at condos and Martin would sit on my computer playing PBS kids just to be close to his Grandpa Bremner. Roxie enjoyed grandma singing and read books to her.
Grandma and Grandpa helped me organized the kitchen, garage, and a few other places. (I can't seem too find my USB plug for my pictures any ideas?) There was also some fun shopping, nightly walks, watching Martin and grandpa play and Roxie avoiding grandpa at all cost.

Few other great moment was Roxie saying Grandma and Grandpa for the first time and during last few days she FINALLY gave grandpa kisses. Martin also started swim lessons and it was a battle at first to get his swim suit on the first day but he enjoyed his swim lessons and by the second lesson they had him going underwater and kicking his legs while they pulled him though the water.

The worst part of the week was dropping Grandma and pa Bremner off at the airport Martin cried all the way home wanting his Grandpa Bremner and Roxie cried all the way home wanting and saying Grandma.
Thank you for a wonderful visit...

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  1. It is nice to be loved and no I have no idea where the cord might by! sorry!