Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers day and Monday

Martin and Grandpa Wimmer at Temple open house.

Mother's Day (Testing out Grandma's New Camera.

From Martin

From Roxie

From Doug

I had a wonderful Mothers Day with waking up at 7:30 Am to a wonderful breakfast and beautiful flowers from Martin, Roxie and Doug. Than off to Church where the primary sang a beautiful song about Moms and to everyone's surprise Martin went up to sing with the rest of the primary. He did however make some funny faces and wasn't singing but at lest he went up. The Bishop and priesthood handed out See's Milk Chocolate bars to all women 18 years and older. (I GOT TWO!!)
After church wen headed over to The Wimmer for a Wonderful dinner made by Grandpa Wimmer and enjoyed a wonderful family Sunday which included Grandpa Wimmers Popcorn!
Monday Morning Grandma Wimmer called and asked if Martin would like to go to the temple open house in Gila Valley. So Martin spent the day with his wonderful Grandma and Pa Wimmer touring the newest Arizona Temple. While Roxie and I enjoyed a wonderful girls day and she loved her mom day.
Martin came home that night and talked about the pretty lights and not wanting to get dunked in the water(Baptismal.) He told me about how you shouldn't touch the bees because they will sting me and then the doctor will have to take off my arm.
Martin also talked about the pretty glass windows and how much fun he had with Grandpa and Grandma at McDonald. Oh and I almost forgot he went on and on about going though a Mountain and how dark the tunnel was and Grandpa had to use the car lights. I was so happy Martin was about to go to the Temple open house since Doug and I were not able to go because of Scheduling issues with work and school.
I had a wonderful Mothers Day and I am so grateful for my wonderful crazy mom and all the fun we had growing up even the WICKED WITCH!!

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