Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary Ghost, No Scary Ghost, Scary Ghost, No Scary Ghost

Since the beginning of October I have been asking Martin what he wants to be for Halloween and the same answer came up NOTHING!! That's right I have the only 3 year old on the planet who doesn't want to dress up and go trick or treating. Finally a week before Halloween Martin decided he wanted to be a SCARY GHOST. I thought prefect after all that is the easiest costume to make I will use an old pillow case and cut it up and NO. Martin decided October 31st he didn't want to be a scary ghost and he didn't want to go tick or treating. Well thankfully I know Martin and I knew things would change and I didn't cut up my pillow case.

As the day went on the kids and I headed over to Grandma and pa Wimmers house for their ward Trunk or Treat party and 30 mins before we were going to leave Martin demand to be a Scary Ghost. I laughed and said " Maybe next year this year you are going as a missionary." So I dressed him in his suit and we borrowed a Tag and headed out for the Trunk or Treat. I dressed Roxie in her Tutu, Doug wore his kimono and I put on a Big Wig and Bright red lipstick and I was going to carry around the guitar from guitar Hero but instead I was caring around a Ballerina.

Martin loved the Trunk or Treating and can't wait for next year.

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