Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its Cold According to Martin

Every morning Doug and I open the windows down stairs to left the cool morning air in the house. This is what happened his morning.

Martin: Mom may you go up stairs and get my blanket..please?
Me: Why?
Martin: Because I'm very cold and I want to get warm.
Dad: You are a true Arizona boy.
Martin: Please mom I'm freezing.
Me: I will get your blanket.
So I went up stairs and picked up Martins big blue blanket and head back downstairs.
Martin: (Jumped on the couch) Mom hurry I'm cold!!

This morning temperature was 63 degrees. Just remember for everyone who doesn't live out here.... We have 105+ temperature almost all summer long.


  1. 63 is warm Martin - that is about as warm as it gets here in Iceland in the summer. Well it does get into the low 70´s but 63 is probably closer to the average for the day.

  2. 63 is cold when the summer was 105 to 110 on average ;)