Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 month Doctors Visit

Lets just say I am very impressed with Roxie's and her tolerance for pain. The doctors at 9 months test the infants Iron level and they poke the finger. I though Roxie is going to scream because lets face it I hate needles and I would tear up. BUT she didn't she didn't even make a sound or try to get away from the needle. I was a very proud mom but her Iron is a little low which only means she needs to take Iron vitamins.
Than the doctor came in and asked the typical questions of eating, developmental stages like saying Mama and Dada, Standing feeding her self and so on. The nice part was Roxie decided to show off her new skills of talking and standing! Roxie had two shots her hep B and the Flu. Martin also received his first flu shot but instead of giving him a shot they gave him a nasal spray. He cried and got more upset than Roxie who had two shots. He is my sensitive boy!! Since this is their first time with the flu shot they both have to get a second one in a month.. YUCK!!

WEIGHT: 18lbs 3oz (25%)
Length: 27.75 inches(55%)
Head: 18 inches (90%)
Teeth: 4 uppers and 2 lower

In a nutshell Roxie is perfect and and Martin is in love Doctor Winterland.

You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ~Polish Proverb

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  1. what great shots. So glad they are both healthy and doing well. Meredith