Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year in Arizona

Tempe AZ 2015
For the first time since moving to AZ I went to the Temple Block party downtown Tempe. That right I have lived in Arizona for 13 years and never once went to any of the New Years Celebrations.  We started off her celebration eating at our favorite Japanese Restaurant and than headed to the Mesa Temple lights hoping to catch Elder Peters but we missed him by 15 mins. After driving around we headed to the block party. I was personally excited because the Gin Blossoms were the headliner. Oh for those of you who don't know them they were a band I loved back in high school and yes I could sing every single song they played. The craziest part of the night wasn't the half dressed people walking around it was the fact it started to snow. That right it was snowing New Years Eve in downtown Tempe and Doug and I were not prepared and froze.  I couldn't feel my feet after nine thirty and I am pretty sure Doug was worse off because he only had a hoodie. However with all the cold it was tons of fun    


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