Thursday, November 6, 2014

Some Days you wonder if it's worth it....

Some days its hard being a mom. You are the one they get mad at because things aren't going there way. You are the sounding board to their angry and frustration when things do not go there way. It hard being a mom emotionally, physically and mentally. I can't fix my son lossing two of his best friends to other schools. I can't fix that my daughter was teased at school on crazy hair day for having crazy hair. I can't make my four year old happy when she wants to play with friends but her friends are in preschool. I can't make my 17th month old happy when he wants to be a big kid but he is still to small and might stabbed himself in the eye with the fork. I get their tears, heartache, frustrations, more tears but I also get the smiles.

What I can do is only try to love them not matter what life throws at me.  Lately an endless supply of curve balls and thankful I have learned to move faster no matter what.

What I have learned is life is totally worth it and I loved watching my four year old running around the backyard yesterday enjoy the endless sun, cool breeze and posing for the camera.

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