Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Schedule and Cousin's Play Date

Doug and  decided we needed a Summer schedule so the kids knew what was going on each day.  WE thought it would keep down the fighting, mom pulling out her hair and cut down on the TV and Computer time.  The first day Success but than again daddy was home and I was in bed sick with temperature and a swollen face. (Mystery of the swollen face continues again.) This morning was my turn with the schedule and so far we have only faulted a little since our play dates dropped due to vacations and reading time wasn't very successful BUT the kids didn't fight.
Roxie with her Double fun Pink Tubs
Martin jumping off the diving Board

My sister in law called and ask if I could watch her little guy Bennett.  He is only three months younger than Hudson so I figured it would be a piece of cake and guess what it was.  I guess having four others of my own had taught me how to breathe though the crazy moments and how to handle a crying or screaming baby without panicking. Hudson and Bennett didn't play together and in fact I think they avoided each other until meal time and than Bennett shared his puffs.

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