Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mini Golf at Mission Beach and Coronado Island

Doug is telling the kids how to mini golf.

She ended up kicking the golf ball by hole nine.

After Mini Golf they watched all the big kids go on the rides

The navy was practicing out in the water.  You could see over a dozen head popping up in the ocean and than going back down all morning.

HE would swing her over the water and than put her back down.  She LOVED IT. She is scared to death of the pool but not the ocean.

Showering her muddy hands

Hudson not happy to be at the beach.
We took the kids to Mission beach and played Mini Golf and road a few rides after our time at the Zoo to finish off our day.
The next day we went to Coronado Island and enjoyed the beautiful cool breeze, and freezing ocean waters.  While we were there we got to watch the Navy Patrice in the ocean along with two battleships making their was into and out of the harbor and we watched enough military guys running the beach to make me tried.  I made sure everyone was covered in sunscreen including Doug but when it came to me I completely forgot because the kids took off on us so I threw down the sunscreen and chased after them. (My shoulders took the beating from the sun.)  Hudson didn't enjoy the ocean and screamed off and on the whole time unless I was holding him.
We drove down the coast and enjoyed what beautiful beaches we could see but since the Military owned most of it we saw it we got to see buildings and tall hills. Martin loved seeing all the battleship and Carries that were at the harbor as we drove.
I can't wait to come back with Doug and enjoy the beach without little people.

 OH PS I hate McDonalds and the very thought of it make me want to hurl. That is all the kids would eat on the trip and now even the thought of McDonald has my stomach turning.

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