Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Break Grand Canyon, Bearzona and Oak Creek Canyon

 Martin had two weeks off of school and Roxie had one week so we decided to take advantage of this and took a trip up North to Flagstaff. We left Friday Night making our way to Flagstaff little over 2 hours away.  That night we got a text saying the Grand Canyon was going to be open Saturday. 
Martin was super excited and the girls in turn were excited.
 We hiked the 3 mile rim walk and learned about the rocks that make up the Grand Canyon.  Once we finished the walk Doug and I were completely wiped out from pushing two strollers and a baby in the wrap we took the bus back to the main visitors center.  I'm hopping one day to leave the kids for 6 days and do the Colorado River rafting trip though the canyon.

Before out Rim walk.

Doug and the girls over looking the rim.

Martin at the Rim

Everyone but Hudson and Mommy

A friend who followed us for a while

Zoey fell alseep on the bus ride back to the car after 3 miles of walking.  Must be turf sitting in a stroller while mom pushes her around the rim while carrying her little brother in a wrap.

The kids on the bus ride back.
Oh and every so often a man would stop Zoey and I and they would tell me how because she is and what blonde hair.  Hudson was also mistaken for a girl several times even though he was wearing a blue sleeper and wearing a green hat.

Is a wild life park near Williams AZ.  Its a small park but is an on going project and to be honest when you first enter its like Jurassic Park and a lot of fun.  We drove around the park seeing the different animals and than arrived at the fort where we saw baby club bears, foxes, porcupines, beavers and so much more.  We also learned that buffalo are no longer pure they are all mixed with cattle to bring back the buffalo.  So when you are eating "Buffalo Meat" its really a mix of buffalo and Cattle.
One of Many Wolves that decided to lay down in front of the car.

One of 14 bears in the park

Brown\White Basin

The three kids

American Bison
On the way home we took the long way though Oak Creek Canyon to look at the leaves change.  We saw tons of reds and yellows in the higher elevation but the lower we got the more green the trees became.  I love Oak Creek and if it wasn't so expensive I would live there in a minute.  This trip remind me how much I love the outdoors and hiking and how much I miss seeing the trees change. However I don't miss 22 degree weather.
My Roxie

My Martin

My Zoey and Doug

My Little Family minus the sleeper

Beautiful Trees

Oak Creek

Kids were excited they found Acorns

Martin and the Leaf


  1. Next time you are here in the spring we will have to go to Oak Creek Canyon for some hiking. Its so beautiful.