Thursday, July 7, 2011

All I do is want to clean

So yes the title might sound a little funny and yes I am writing a blog when I could be cleaning but I know if I leave this chair someone is going to nnneeeeeddd me. I am going to let out my frustation about not having any time to get anything done. OH and yes I know it is only going to get harder and yes I know it comes with being a mom and yes I get to complain and you are going to read it because its my blog. :)
All I want to do is clean the upstairs of my house but I have two little people that have one LOUD volume and no matter how many time I say "Please be Quite" or "Don't wake your sister." It doesn't seem to get though to them. After 1 hour of trying to keep them from waking their sister I realized the only thing I go done is have my blood presser go though the roof.
Back downstairs I go with two people in tow. I figure I don't have to keep anyone quite downstairs so I should be able to get a lot done Right? Wrong! It starts with Roxie wanting to be alone and Martin needing someone to play with him. The spitting, hitting, kicking, yelling and finally the time outs. Again my blood presser though the roof. I take a deep breathe and tell everyone I am cleaning out the dishwasher and to play nicely but is it possible for them to play nice? NOPE! As soon as the dishes are done the toys they have been fighting over are now in time out for the week and no one gets to play with them.
As my days goes on I get Roxie down for a nap in hopes I can eat lunch with Martin before Zoey wakes up. I am sure you guessed it Zoey is up and I get Martins lunch fixed and I walk around with cold slice of three day old pizza. Most the afternoon consist of Martin (5 Years old) getting up set because Zoey(8Months) doesn't want to play with him or she is getting into his stuff. Now that she is crawling I have to rush to get things put away and that means throwing them on the dinning table or counter tops.
Zoey has been in a hold me or I will cry phase and since Roxie will wake up at every sound I decided to hold Zoey and get a little cleaning done. HAHAH That's right several sales man decided I need pest control, Alarm system and my family needs to be saved. After they left Zoey was getting tired and she needed her mommy even more. I put her to bed and went into Roxie's room because she had been awake since the first doorbell. Roxie informs me "I have Lava coming out of my butt." with Martin adding " It smells like gross poop." Ah the life of a Mom.
I get everyone happy downstairs and I decided to head up stairs to clean the guest room because in a few weeks it will be used. Within 1 minute Martin is upstairs wondering what I am doing and following me room to room talking about nothing and within another 2 minutes Roxie is upstairs talking louder than 10 grown adults. So back downstairs I go in hopes poor little Zoey can get some sleep. That brings me to now: Roxie is playing sword fight with my head and Martin is teasing her bring her to tears. Did I forget the spitting Roxie's does when she wants to be left alone.

I just want to clean because when I get to clean I get peace and quite WHEN I guess I should say IF it happens. Right now instead of washing the bathroom mirrors or chasing the dust bunnies from every corner of my house I am chasing kids away from my computer and back into the family room to play, fight, wrestle and eventual cry over something.

I love being Mom. I love being able to kiss their little hurts away, give hugs when their feelings are hurt and cuddling for 15 seconds before they decided they need to play but some days I just want to clean.


  1. It will just get dirty again, dishes and laundry are the things that build up everything else can sit and stew until Doug gets home

  2. days are like that everyday. No break to be had. This is the first time on the computer in three days! Probably good for me. But I need a little me time. With summer my kids go to bed later and then before you know it I need to go to bed after taking care of everythng I didn't get done. If you ever need to talk call me we can listen to our kids scream and cry and fight and wake the baby up together!!! Love ya!!