Sunday, January 20, 2013

4 year old check up

After I was done visiting with my Visiting Teachers I found these two.

Roxie said "We created a Masterpieces for you! DO you love it?"

How can I get mad when they asked if I liked it. Yes that is salt and pepper all over the table. 

Roxie had her 4 year old check up and I had Doug come with me because Roxie was getting 4 shots and I had to bring Zoey with me and another reason was to discuss Roxie's eye.
Roxie has recently developed a lazy eye about 3 months ago and at first the doctor said it might be due to the excitement of the new baby and she wants attention but as time went on it has gotten worse and we now need to see a children eye specialist and take the steps to fix her eye. Her eye likes to rest in the corner near her nose.
She knows when the eyes moves and gets really frustrated when she can't correct it or fix it with out blinking.  Last night before bed I told her "I noticed your eye hasn't been moving to the coner today."
Roxie said "I have been working really hard all day so I wouldn't be told to blink by Martin. Mom can I go to sleep now my eye is really tired."

I am proud she has been trying to fix her eye herself.  Her Aunt Kristi Wimmer also had an eye problem and they corrected it with glasses.  So we shall see what happens.  Tomorrow I am going to try and set up an eye appointment and hope to see a doctor before the end of Feb.

Roxie grew 3 inches in a year and 3\4 of an inch in a month.  No wonder I have been buying her new clothes and shoes every other week.  She is in the 75% in Height and 50% in weight. 

During a visiting teaching appointment I kept hearing what sounded like salt but I didn't think much of it and went on to enjoy my visit.  When I came around the corner to find my girls had poured out all the salt and most of the pepper all over the kitchen table and using the salt container as a paint stick.  Before I could open my mouth Roxie said with a huge grin "Mom look at the Masterpiece Zoey and I made for you.  Do you love it?"  I took a second to think I could get really angry and upset about what I saw but I decided say in a calm voice "Wow my two little artist what an amazing piece of art you have created.  I love it.  Lets take pictures to show everyone and than vacuum it all up."
That is what I did.  Instead of getting upset we took tons of pictures and the girls took turn vacuum up the mess they had created.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Day!

Snow Angel

How deep is the snow?

Getting Dressed to Play!

Tasting snow for the first time "It Taste like Water!"

Trying to walk in the snow.

Martin's first time seeing and being in snow!

Making her own trail! "I don't like snow in my baby butt crack!"

"Mom!  I'm stuck!"

Sound a big snow ball!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Belated Birthday!!

Yes there are more than 4 candles but Grandpa Bremner didn't like the look of 4!

Cake, Food and present fit for a Princess

Dec 29th Roxie's official birthday!  Poor Sick girl

Happy Birthday Princess Roxie